My 3 Favorite Things About Sewing

We buy most of our clothes so cheaply these days that people no longer find the need for a sewing machine. Fast fashion has grown so much in the last few decades that people treat clothes as a disposable item. This development has made the craft of sewing a diminishing art. We simply have no need to spend our busy lives sewing an item we could buy cheap from the millions of clothing websites and outlets. Thankfully, there are a few of us that haven't fallen for the wasteful and tasteless options we see on the racks of stores. We see the fast fashion industry as unethical and look past the cheap price tag and enjoy sewing our own clothes. Even those with no ethical issues with the fashion industry may want to add a bit of personal style to their clothing which they can not find at department stores. Many people are picking up sewing again. Whether you sew with just a needle and thread or use a sewing machine (check out the reviews at, sewing gives you the chance to bring out your creativity and create items of clothing to are meaningful to you as an individual.Personally, sewing brings so much more than just the chance to make personalized fashion items. It gives me so much joy in so many different ways.

Here are three of the reasons why I love sewing.

1. Sewing Makes Me Creative

A lot of us love to sew because it brings out our creative side. We love making beautiful items with fabric, colors, and texture. I find a lot of joy in going through the creative process of sewing. Being creative is a feeling rooted deep inside that bursts out when I sew. It's the same joy that sculptors, painters, and other craftspeople experience when they make things. This is what sewing does for a lot of us.

Humans love gratification and being able to learn new skills through sewing gives us this pleasure of gratification. It's like our happy hormones get released into the bloodstream when we new skills and actually get better at it.

The third joy you get from creativity is the chance to wear something you've made yourself and for others to see it. We become very happy if people compliment our creation and this brings a broad smile and a sense of satisfaction to us.

2. The Appreciation of Sewing

Most of us hold almost no value for the clothes we own because they are very cheap and disposable. Unless you've paid a high price for an item of clothing, you're not going to value it.

However, when you make your own clothes with your own hands or a sewing machine, it holds special value for you because you appreciate the process you went through to make it. At least this is the experience for me. As I sew more and more, I appreciated more and more the clothes I have.

One of the things I learned from sewing my own clothes was that It made me realized I did not need more clothes. Less is good and that made me happy. And the few clothes I made felt really special.

Sewing also made me a better buyer of clothes. Suddenly I knew what had real value and what did not and brought a sense of satisfaction with the few clothes I now buy.

3. The Joy of Sewing Through Sharing

It feels good to belong to a group of like-minded people and this is exactly what sewing has given me. It allowed me to connect with a community of people who share the same passions as me.

Sewing classes, online communities, local crafts shops, and special events are just a few of the places to meet wonderful new people through the art of sewing. In my experience, the sewing community is very kind, creative and generally very good people.

In the end, you can find joy in many things but there's nothing like making and wearing your own creations. And this joy is exactly the reason I love sewing.